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What information does this site gather & use?

Through our contact forms we gather personal information such as name, email or phone number to contact you, but only if you volunteer that information. We only use the information for the purposes described – either answering your enquiries or putting a quote together for you.

We do not share any of your personal data with anyone else.

The other kind of information we collect is statistical analysis information, the kind that most website these days use to monitor the performance of their website. This general, non personal, information can’t be used to identitfy you or contact you, it just gives us a general picture of how many people visit our site, what geographical areas they come from and what pages they visit. It also tells us what browsers people use and stuff like that. We use Google Analytics for web statistics, if you want to learn more about it you could have a look at this:

More info doesn’t do anything strange or unusual with the info it receives from you. If you send a contact for or a request for a quote we respond to that enquiry by email. However, if you do have any questions at all about our forms and the info we collect just get in touch by phone or email and we’ll answer your questions.

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